Choose the Best Concrete

To best service your residential and commercial construction needs, Boone Construction Services, LLC offers various types of specialty concrete. Specialty concrete is made up of unique cement combinations, and goes beyond the traditional services of standard concrete mixes. Use of this concrete type requires a great deal of experience, practice, and training as undergone by all of our contractors. We put our knowledge and professionalism to work in order to provide you and your property with the highest quality concrete surfaces imaginable. Whether you are installing a new retaining wall, placing a new concrete floor on your blast freezer, or are repaving an area of your yard, we have no doubt that our specialty concrete services will leave you happy with the results.

Our chemical systems work to create mortar and concrete in addition to our specialty cements. We are highly trained and experienced to work with mixtures involving epoxy resins, acrylic binders, polyurethane, and more. These mixtures offer extreme durability, vast longevity, and structural certainty guaranteed for everyday use at your home or commercial space.

For a well-functioning form of concrete that goes perfectly with your yard’s aesthetic, be sure to contact us today. Boone Construction Services, LLC greatly looks forward to beautifying your outdoor space with our specialty concrete services in and near Weatherford, TX.